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Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Minutes at Home

What can one do when one has 30 minutes at home? After eight hours of negotioting one's way through a myriad milieu of psych patients, one laughing uproariously as he swings a shit-filled "Attends" diaper over their head like a cowboy might swing a lasso, one crying for no apparent reason, another attempting to pick a fight with two broken arms and a brain full of cobwebs, an hour-long, sunglare-filled commute home (plus a pitstop at Chipotle to bring home bulging burrito dinner for self and goodlady wife), a half-hour in between work and alleged play-- rehearsal for gay operetta that nobody will come to see. A rehearsal that will begin with another car door slam at 5:45pm and one more at 10:45pm (if we don't fuck up that badly).

What does one do?

One blogs.

Hi. I love you.


Oh, and Happy Veteran's Day. Um... there's lots more I'm forgetting. But, today, there's just no time.


Or, as Cathy would say, "AAAAAAAAAACK!"

My swimsuit doesn't fit.

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