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Friday, February 26, 2010

Knucklehead, Part II

Well, folks, it wasn't meant to be.

This is going to be a relatively short blog post-- my in-laws are coming in to stay with us, and there's a very large air mattress on the floor of our office, so I'm blogging on my phone, like a metrosexual. Nevertheless, risking arthritis of the thumb, I thought you deserved some closure on the small, crazy beagle I introduced you to a couple days ago: Knucklehead.

When I told Mrs. Apron about Knucklehead, her immediate response was, "I don't want a beagle."

Well, I worked my sorcerer-like magic on her, and she relented. Well, she relented enough to agree to meet Knucklehead, accompanied by our dog, Finley, for a little compatability test.

It could have gone worse. But it could have gone alot better.

Apparently, "Knucklehead" is a more apt name for my new friend than I'd even originally thought. He was uncouth to the hilt, wowing my wife with a display of constant innapropriate behavior. Skittering, neurotic, spacey, unfocused, spastic, howling.

Oh, and cock-sucking.

Knucklehead, for whatever reason, could not seem to get enough of Finley's penis. He attached his mouth to our dog's dick and went at it like it was a cow's udder. Maybe, I theorized out loud, he thinks Finley's his mommy and it's mealtime.

I tried my best to redirect him, but he went straight back to my dog's cock, working like a mouth Olympian. And my dog didn't seem to mind. The only problem was the sporadic moments where Knucklehead would forsake Finley's dick and shove his beagle nose in Finley's face. And Finley would growl. And Knucklehead would not be deterred, and he'd try again.

We're not giving up, but Knucklehead will haveto turn someone else's life upsidedown. He's not the worst puppy in the world. But he sure sucks a mean dick.


  1. bwahaha!! Beagels are crazy. My boss had a beagel that furiously tried to suck it's own dick which is just really sad, and disturbing, to watch. It also ate everything. Of course my boss brought the dog to work so while I"m answering phones it's biting my leg, chewing half way up my pants and then onto the phone cord. I don't know if he thought I'd suck hsi dick but shit- I don't even do that for hubs.

  2. i love beagles! so cute! my secret wish is to get four beagles and call them The Beagles, and name them John, Paul, George and Ringo. I know, I'm a total dork! but 4 beagles would be so cute! i hope your two dogs get along!

  3. see, you never cease to amaze me. i would have bet that dick sucking would have been a plus on your list! ;)


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