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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vacation Poem

Vacations are delectable and pleasant little treats,
I'm planning one right now for the little wife and I.
We'll drive up to Bar Harbour, feeling numbness in our seats,
And ferry off to Yarmouth, surrounded by the sea & by the sky.

We'll spend some time in Shelburne after our passports are checked,
I'll dine on lobster happ'ly while my wife just sips some water.
We'll putter off to Halifax and hope the car does not get wrecked,
As I learn all of the new street signs, I'll try no fowl to slaughter.

I hope that on this trip of ours we stay in hotels quaint,
Or mayhaps a B&B for me and she will fit the bill.
'Cause sometimes a motel cheap is nice but oftentimes it ain't,
And lichen floating in my coffee surely makes me ill.

Taken with my cameraphone at the Rodeway Inn, Brunswick, Maine.
June, 2008.


  1. Are you sure that's lichen?
    It may be that the person before you got ill on the coffee too.
    Or should I say 'in the coffee'?

  2. Bar Harbor Maine? No "u" in there, buddy. :)

  3. Mr. Apron likes to affect Britishisms, such as adding gratuitous "u"s whenever he can.

  4. He is practising to be canadian for when he hits Halifax! Us canucks put U's in everything! Colour.labour, Harbour!
    Have a fantastic holiday. Hope you tell us how long you will be off the blog. I read your blog everyday and check back to read the comments!
    Sad I know.. but I really like it here!

  5. What a fun trip. The last time I drove through Canada, my sister and I counted Canadians. I can't remember what part of the country is was now. But after 3 days of driving, we had only reached 70 or so. There were slightly less moose.

  6. To Halifax? Why, that's my home town!


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