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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Debt Ceiling, Part II

Prepare thy gag-reflexes. And blame KLo. Blame her for the horror (the... horror) that you are about to become intimately, if not carnally, acquainted with.

Behold, wicked world: our kitchen ceiling.

Reminds you of "Office Space" doesn't it? Don't you just want to burn the building down because that guy took your stapler?

This one's kinda artsy. If you consider our ceiling fan "artsy."

This one's far and away my favorite, though. It's a stain from water damage, though I like to think of it as our ceiling having ringworm.



  1. Oh my ...

    Just ... oh my ...

    You weren't exaggerating ;)

    Hmm ... "The sun will come out tomorrow"

  2. No, KLo. No, it won't. You're... you're just saying that.

    Clearly, no home-baked cherry tart for you.

  3. You befouled the Internets with that smut. I thought our ceiling was our dirty little secret.

    Like some politician with his underage prostitute.

    And now you're broadcasting it all over the place? You're just as bad as Weiner.

  4. I want no cherry tart home-baked in that kitchen :-)


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