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Friday, January 22, 2010

My Voice Is My Passport: Verify Me.

If you're an incredible spazz who is stuck blissfully in the not-too-distant past, you will know that the title of this blog post is taken from the super balls-awesome movie "Sneakers," a film that boasted some incredibly cheesy music and a bangdaddy cast that included Sidney Poitier, David Strathairn, the late River Phoenix, Dan Aykroyd (whose last fucking name I can never spell right without help), Robert Redford, and Sir Ben Goddamn Kingsley.

It's an incomprehensible combination of technology, humor, thrillerism and snappy dialogue. It was one of the most quotable movies of the 90's, but only if you're a total fucking dork.

"...Well, we could wrap you in a full bodysuit of Neoprene heat-resistant rubber, or we could just raise the temperature in Cosmo's office to 98.6 degrees, which is probably what we're going to have to do because the Neoprene would suffocate you."

And yes, that's not from IMDB. That's from memory.

Go ahead-- un-follow me. Just make it quick.

I was thinking about "Sneakers" today because of an article I barely read in the New York Times (aren't I special?) about passwords people use ostensibly to protect their privileged information online. We've all got approximately ten thousand eight hundred and eleven different passwords to different things-- our Shutterfly accounts and our bank accounts, our online veterinary tech classes as DeVry University, our cellphone companies that have a death-grip on our wallets/genitals, fucking Facebook-- I think I might have written a blog post about passwords a while ago, but I can't remember.

Lily will probably remember, though.

An elephant never forgets.

Anytwee, the article I read claimed that, in 2008, the most common password for chicanery and surfology used by Americans was "12345."

"No shit!" you say. "Shit," I say.

It seems, however, that Americans are, in this age of security-consciousness and identity-theft, smartening up. The most popular password for 2009?


Other super-pops passwords were "iloveyou," "Michael," "Ashley," your dog's goddamn birthday, and, the perennial favorite: "password."

I have a great idea for what I feel should be, and hope will, be the most popular online password for 2010:


I know, it's a little long and unwieldy, but I think it has its merits.

Most of you know that, every morning, almost against my will, I watch "The Today Show" for 1/2-an-hour, scoring some intense cuddle-muffin time with the missus on the sofa, sometimes while she snoozes with her head thrown back and her mouth open. God, I love her. Anyway, in between pretending that TMZ is a reliable source of information and presenting Meredith Vieira as someone you shouldn't want to stab through the neck with a Dixon Ticonderoga product, they love to present stories of down-on-their-luck schlubs from middle America, seated at their kitchen tables, pouring over mountains of bills, tapping on a calculator while an earnest voiceover talks of how they were scammed by hackers and other assorted internet prowlers who "somehow accessed their personal information online, destroying their lives."

Well, that's sad and all. But, seriously-- if your password is "123456" I won't be shedding much of a tear for you.

If you really want to fool hackers, come up with some really weird shit that they'd never think could be the password of some house-marm in Des Moines, or a blogger in suburban Southeastern Pennsylvania. Come on, people-- you've got to work at this-- get really creative. Your online identity is at stake here, and you don't want some industrious, highly-intelligent, high-school drop-out hacker getting his grubby digits on your money. So, you need to think of some pretty crazy passwords to outsmart these fuckers. Here's some ideas to get your brains working in the right direction:











and, your number 1 ticket to online security:


Remember: your online identity is precious: protect it like it was your little bitch.


  1. For real? My password for my student loan used to be "brokeasshit" for about two years. Then I paid it off. Maybe I should go back to that for online bills...

  2. I took several film classes in college, even TA'd one last summer, and this "Sneakers" you speak of was never mentioned. I've also worked at a video store and no one ever rented anything called "Sneakers." So despite your blog's title, this "quote" you've pulled out of your ass, and the fake imdb page you've painstakingly created, I do not believe that "Sneakers" exists.

    I am this country's preeminent "Sneakers" denier.

  3. I read "olivianewtonjohnishot" as "oliva_newton_john_i_shot." Put 2 t's next time Daddy-A. Unless, of course that was an attempt to throw off hackers who spell correctly... You are such a genius.

  4. Amber-- Better a "Sneakers denier" than a "Montana denier."

    And I noticed that "Manhattan Murder Mystery" is one of your favs, so I'll forgive you.

    After all, who could have a beef with a woman who appreciates a Woody Allen classic that bears the line, "There's nothing wrong with you that can't be cured with a little Prozac and a polo mallet"?

    Sparksy-- I was totally trying to throw those hackers off. It didn't work, though. I now have $2.13 cents and a crushed can of Caffeine Free Diet Coke to my name. I'm still a genius, though.

  5. Sneakers = awesome fucking movie

    If I had to watch one movie for the rest of my life while sitting on a hill of angry red ants while slathered in honey it would be sneakers.
    Speaking of slatheredinhoney i guess I should change my password.


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